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All of these records are kept in a central vital record registry to be used for statistical analysis.

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In the state of Maryland, divorce records are distributed by government officials after the event has been officially registered. When someone from Maryland files for a divorce or an annulment, records of the event itself and the documents relating to it are stored with other state vital files in the central registry. These can include anything from divorce certificates and divorce decrees to any other divorce-related files. Whether the documents can be accessed and copied by the public depends on the state in question. In Maryland, there were no divorces granted before the Revolutionary War.

Between the end of the Revolution and , divorces were granted by state legislature.

There is no state-wide index for divorces granted before , but post records can be found indexed at the Maryland Vital Records. There were 15, divorces in Maryland in Marriage records are also distributed by government officials in Maryland, but only after the wedding is officially registered. Marriage records were the first consistently kept vital records in Maryland, and were stored by the Maryland General Assembly. Banns and marriage registers are included in the early colonial marriage records. In , people were required to obtain marriage licenses.

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By , all county courts recorded marriages. The indexes encompass all twenty-three counties for and Baltimore City for USGenWeb Archives. Marriage Project. Information and guidelines on acquiring vital records information in the United States.

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Includes state and county contact and pricing information. Vital Statistics Administration.

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  • Ancestors at Rest - Death Records for Maryland Coffin plates, funeral cards, death cards, wills, memorial cards, cemeteries, vital stats, obituaries, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions. You must come into the the health department to receive the copy of your birth certificate. Download Application. For children under the age of 1 year, corrections can be made to given names on birth certificates.

    Upon receipt of a notarized affidavit, the Division of Vital Records will issue a corrected birth certificate free of charge.

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