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Joe Arpaio, who is running for Senator in Arizona despite a criminal conviction, has promised to resurrect a debunked conspiracy theory about former President Barack Obama's birth certificate, if elected to office. The octogenarian former sheriff, who has repeatedly been accused of human rights abuses for his treatment of Hispanic inmates, is a staunch ally of President Trump. Like Trump, Arpaio was an early proponent of so-called birtherism—a movement of people who openly doubted or denied the eligibility of Obama to serve in office, based around the false notion that he was not a natural-born citizen.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate

The movement has been labeled by many as racist. While Trump has moved on from, but never apologized for, his birther past, Arpaio appeared to reconjure the conspiracy while speaking to a room of supporters at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix, which took place over the weekend. The conference included an audience of mostly older supporters, many of whom would clap their hands or nod their heads at various points of the event. Mike Zullo, a posse member, talked throughout the bulk of the news conference, and for about 50 minutes walked the audience through what he claimed was irrefutable proof that the birth certificate had been forged.

Arpaio's focus on the outgoing president has spanned several years.

Obama was a favorite subject in Arpaio's fundraiser emails, speeches and campaign ads, and the president was blamed for the lawman's civil rights-related legal battles. Arpaio's persistence on the "birther" issues has outlived that of many other once-fervent supporters.

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President-elect Donald Trump had been a leader of the movement to prove Obama was not a natural-born citizen and was therefore not eligible for the nation's highest office. Updated March 18, Personal message from a reader dated Dec. Personal message from a reader dated Oct.

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However, contrary to what the few media outlets who are giving this outrageous claim any attention at all have concurred, what the Obama campaign supplied was not, in fact, a "birth certificate". What they supplied was actually a "Certificate of Live Birth.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio revives Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy

Forwarded email received Dec. The parents would be issued a Certification of Live Birth.

This is not proof of where the child was born. It only proves that the parents claimed Hawaii as their main place of residence for the prior year. Health Dept. Sources and further reading:.