Maine registered nurse licensing requirements felony

Effective January 1, all applicants for licensure (endorsement, advanced practice registered nurses) will be required to complete the applications on-line.
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They will either hold off on licensing a candidate or award only a provisional license until the accreditation process is complete. An undergraduate degree in another field does not disqualify anyone from pursuing a social work license. The person with an undergraduate degree in another field will need to pursue a CSWE accredited master's degree, which most social workers will do anyway, to be eligible for social work licensure.

AG files felony charges against nurse practitioner

The MSW program helps prepare students to enter the general or clinical practice role in most states. Capella also offers an online Doctor of Social Work. They all include a core of generalist courses, but may prepare professionals for different advanced practice roles. In some states, program choice plays a direct role in determining license category down the line.

The clinical license may be tied to having clinical coursework and a clinical practicum. In many states, though, the distinction is not made until the post-graduate period. Use our degree finder to find an accredited online university that will help you achieve your educational goals. After graduation, a would-be clinical social worker must practice under board-approved supervision.

Requirements vary, but a candidate can expect to do at least two years of full-time work paid before receiving the higher credential. A few states require baccalaureate social workers to complete board approved supervision; workers may be given a lesser title until they finish their training. The supervision that is required for licensing is different than the standard employer-employee supervision. Licensing boards can be very particular about the qualifications of the person who sits down with the supervisee, reviews their treatment plans and diagnoses, and guides their professional development.

Many stipulate that the clinical supervisor must be an LCSW and not a mental health practitioner with other licensing. Some allow at least some of the supervision to be done by another qualified professional like a psychologist or psychiatrist. Most states allow the trainee to contract with a licensed social worker if there is not an appropriate person at the worksite.

There may, however, be extra regulations and paperwork. All states have adopted ASWB licensing examinations. However, some require only one exam.

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In some places they can do more and in others less. When I become an LPN my mind is going to be the same towards my Aides, they are my brothers and sisters and we are united. One Love. This is changing in our state. Now a person will be able to pass meds after only 24 hours of instruction. As an entry level RN I have had 2 years of study and hours worth of med passes and care. Who is going to be better prepared when that patient has a reaction? Who is going to keep you safe? Regardless of titles and egos, all medical personnel should adhere to the tasks they are LEGALLY allowed to perform within the state they are employed.

I know a lot of people need to feel special about themselves but that is not what this discussion is about…Please, focus on what is LEGAL and best for the patient. I get it I have been an RN for almost 28 years. They are giving care that a person in the home with a little fortitude could give if need be with training from somebody who knows why things are done a certain way.

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Nurses have standards of care and a unique body of knowledge supported by Nursing Boards and for which they are liable and ethically responsible. They intricacy and depth of study are no way on par.

12222 State-by-State Guide to RN Licensure: eNLC Update

I even took the LPN boards on general knowledge for maternal child and baby care because we had not had that in school yet when I took it to work while I worked to pay for RN school, and I could not believe how little those people got in their studies and how much we had to teach them about why they did what they did.

Why not just go to nursing school and get paid well and work on your certifications in your specialty and then your BSN? MAs and CNAs are part of the nursing field, but they are not the nurse. Some of the actual tasks, like direct care, passing meds, charting, etc are all shared.

What can a licensed nurse do when a medical assistant calls herself a nurse?

But in the perfect world where short staffing never occurs, the responsibilities of each position per job description are quite different. No need to try and outdo the others. I agree that a 9 month certificate program should not be acceptable training to become a CMA.

What I do not agree with is the manner in which you are insulting Medical Assistants. Many states do not even require a Medical Assistant to be certified, so I would think as a professional, you would have some respect for those of us who do go to school for our Associates to become certified. Why is that?

I have no desire to call myself a nurse, I am a Medical Assistant and I am quite proud of that. If I wanted to become a nurse, I would have. I think all of this ranting is bringing negative attention to yourselves, and personally if I was a nurse, I would be embarrassed that another nurse was spewing such garbage. Are you threatened by another professional working with you?

Are you afraid that a Medical Assistant can perform their duties as well as you can?

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The patients are who we should be concerned about. They are the priority and as long as they are receiving the proper treatment who cares who is providing it. We should all be working together, it is not a competition. I really hope that I never have to work with a nurse with your attitude. I feel threatened for patients that are in danger of encountering people who do not know their own scope of practice and think they do whatever a doctor tells them to do. You will all learn once you get a malpractice suit.

You sound completely ignorant and disrespectful. I have been a medical assistant for 5 years and I have tons of experience. I love what I do and take pride in that. Most importantly, my patients love that I bust my tail helping the doctor in taking care of their needs in regards to Providing quality patient care. We build relationships with these people and they trust us.

Social Work Licensing Requirements in Maine

We go to school, participate in clinicals, comply with CEUs, and sit for state boards just as you do. In fact, there are more Malpractice lawsuits against nurses than medical assistants. Emily, you are so right. I called him out on a few things; interpreting test results which is illegal , calling in meds without orders, MD gives instructions to one MA and that MA instructs another MA to carry out what the MD instructed. The MD could save money with one RN.

Patients need to be made aware of who they are dealing with. They way I read it comes across the MA would be diagnosing and treating patients. Advising them of their issue and the treatment and have the capability of changing the treatment plan. Yes, many non-medical folk and even medical folk will need time to adjust to this as the DNP program flourishes. There are clear lines and evidence that NPs are working with legislature to become classified as separate entities, licensed independent practitioners, who still work alongside MDs and DOs.

There really should be no confusion. If there is a desire to become a nurse, become one. Just as I have a desire to become an FNP. But if I put in another years of education, training, commitment and time, then yes — I expect to be called what I earned throughout my higher education and terminal degree. This has no bearing on how I treat patients, as I will continue to treat them with the role of FNP vs.

RN when I graduate. Stop arguing and pulling rank. There are people that rely and benefit from every group of healthcare personnel. States do not offer licenses nor certifications to medical assistants.

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  6. State real facts please. The course names may be similar that a CNA takes, but the complexity of the subjects are very different. Even to say that an LPN learns about OB patients is scary when you look at their review books for their licensing boards. I took the LPN boards so that I could be paid more when I was working during my RN education and I had had no formal maternal child information in school, but I could pass pretty much on general knowledge.

    A training model, learning technical duties is not the same as knowing complex reasons why patient outcomes are improved through understanding research, or why things hit the fan. This section needs to be taken down! I agree with others that it is highly offensive and inaccurately written. CMAs are highly educated and trained. We are just as competent and compassionate. It is NOT against the law to call ourselves or for others to refer to us as nurses!! A nurse is any caregiver.