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A full Criminal History Records Check is a requirement for a Maryland Physical Therapy License. A full background check includes both State and FBI checks.
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Any user of the information is hereby advised that it is being provided "as is" with no warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. The information on this website does not represent all the cases or case types filed with the Colorado courts. The information cannot be removed unless the case records are sealed by a court order. Any unauthorized attempt to remove or change the online information is strictly prohibited.

How To Obtain Your Criminal Records in Maryland

The information displayed is from official records, but does not comprise all information from court records available to the public. Court pleadings, for instance, may be found in case files that may be viewed and copied at a courthouse, but are not currently available through this Web site. Confidential cases, sealed cases and sealed documents also are not available online. The Judiciary has attempted to protect personal identifiers by blocking electronic data fields containing Social Security numbers, birth dates, home addresses and home telephone numbers.

However, if otherwise private information is revealed in evidence, pleadings or other documents such as exhibits, affidavits and transcripts that are part of the public court record, the information is accessible in paper form at a courthouse and will be available electronically when imaged court records are made accessible to the public.

Case information provided by the Judiciary through this website is made available "as is," with no warranties, express or implied, including any implied warranties of merchantability, accuracy, non-infringement, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Expungement and Criminal Records: State-Specific Information

In no event shall the Judiciary and its employees, officers, contractors, agents or representatives be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever arising from the use of or inability to use this website or the online databases, or for the accuracy or validity of any information provided. While the Judiciary uses reasonable efforts to provide accurate, complete and current information on this website, it does not guarantee or represent that the information contains no errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Assessing the accuracy and reliability of the information is the user's responsibility.

Online court records are not the same as background checks Information displayed on this site is not to be considered or used as an official court record and may contain errors or omissions. Accuracy of the information is not warranted. Official records of court proceedings may only be obtained directly from the court maintaining a particular record. This data search is not a complete list of the public records available in each office. Each county in Kansas has a different implementation date with the final court implementation of Full Court. The use of this Web site or the data contained herein must comply with all appropriate Kansas and federal statutes, case law, administrative orders, and regulations.

While much information is made available to the public through this site, some information may be restricted or require registration to obtain. All of the information collected at this site becomes a public record that may be subject to inspection and copying by members of the public, unless an exemption in law exists.

Where Online Can do FREE Criminal Background Record Check Search Someone (Felony Crime DUI Drug 2017

This information includes defendant name, city and state, case number, date of birth, plaintiff name civil cases only , trial date, charge, and case disposition. The amount of historical information may vary by county based on when an automated case management system was deployed in that county and how the system has evolved. Information originating or maintained within the Circuit Courts and District Courts of all Maryland counties, is available at the approximate time that it is entered in the records of the court.

Reliability of Information This site reflects the electronic record of the cases presented and may not always reflect the information maintained within the official case file. The data may not be reliable in the sense that further action may occur in the case that would affect the record. The average seasonal snowfall is When the wind blows from the east, the cold air gets dammed against the mountains to the west and the result is freezing rain or sleet. Spring and autumn are warm, with spring being the wettest season in terms of the number of precipitation days.

Summers are hot and humid with a daily average in July of A southeasterly bay breeze off the Chesapeake often occurs on summer afternoons when hot air rises over inland areas; prevailing winds from the southwest interacting with this breeze as well as the city proper's UHI can seriously exacerbate air quality. According to the Census [update] , there were , people living in Baltimore City in , households. The population decreased by 4.

In , then-Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said her main goal was to increase the city's population by improving city services to reduce the number of people leaving the city and by passing legislation protecting immigrants' rights to stimulate growth. Census Bureau's census estimate showed the population grew by 1, residents, a 0. Gentrification has increased since the census, primarily in East Baltimore, downtown, and Central Baltimore. According to the Census [update] , Baltimore's population is Across races, 4.

The median age was 35 years old, with In , approximately 30, people 6. In Baltimore, Housing in Baltimore is relatively inexpensive for large, coastal cities of its size. The homeless population in Baltimore is steadily increasing; it exceeded 4, people in The increase in the number of young homeless people was particularly severe.

As of , life expectancy in Baltimore was 74 to 75 years, compared to the U. Fourteen neighborhoods had lower life expectancies than North Korea.

How to Opt Out of the Sites That Sell Your Personal Data

Around Crime in Baltimore, generally concentrated in areas high in poverty, has been far above the national average for many years. The worst years for crime in Baltimore overall were from to ; with 96, crimes reported in Baltimore's homicides in represented the highest homicide rate in the city's recorded history— Louis and ahead of Detroit. To put that in perspective, New York City, a city with a population of 8,,, recorded a total of homicides in Baltimore had a population of ,; which means that in Baltimore had a homicide rate 14 times higher than New York City's.

Of Baltimore's homicides in , Among cities greater than ,, Baltimore ranked 2nd in its opiate drug death rate in the United States behind Dayton, Ohio. In , Baltimore police reported homicides, the lowest number in the city since a count of homicides in and far lower than the peak homicide count of slayings in City leaders at the time credited a sustained focus on repeat violent offenders and increased community engagement for the continued drop, reflecting a nationwide decline in crime. On August 8, , Baltimore's new youth curfew law went into effect.

It prohibits unaccompanied children under age 14 from being on the streets after 9 p. The goal is to keep children out of dangerous places and reduce crime. Crime in Baltimore reached another peak in when the year's tally of homicides was second only to the record in , when Baltimore had about , more residents.

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The killings in were on pace with recent years in the early months of but skyrocketed after the unrest and rioting of late April. In five of the next eight months, killings topped 30—40 per month. Nearly 90 percent of 's homicides were the result of shootings, renewing calls for new gun laws. In , according to annual crime statistics released by the Baltimore Police Department, there were murders in the city. In an interview in The Guardian , on November 2, , [] David Simon, himself a former police reporter for The Baltimore Sun , ascribed the most recent surge in murders to the high-profile decision by Baltimore state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby , to charge six city police officers following the death of Freddie Gray after he fell into a coma while in police custody in April Once a predominantly industrial town, with an economic base focused on steel processing, shipping, auto manufacturing General Motors Baltimore Assembly , and transportation, the city experienced deindustrialization which cost residents tens of thousands of low-skill, high-wage jobs.

It also led in refining of crude oil, brought to the city by pipeline from Pennsylvania. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates Baltimore's unemployment rate at 5. The city is home to the Johns Hopkins Hospital. Rowe Price , and Royal Farms. Almost a quarter of the jobs in the Baltimore region were in science, technology, engineering and math as of mid , in part attributed to the city's extensive undergraduate and graduate schools; maintenance and repair experts were included in this count. The center of international commerce for the region is the World Trade Center Baltimore.

It houses the Maryland Port Administration and U. Baltimore is ranked 9th for total dollar value of cargo and 13th for cargo tonnage for all U. In , total cargo moving through the port totaled It serves over 50 ocean carriers making nearly 1, annual visits. Among all U. The port is second in coal exports.

Growth at the port continues with the Maryland Port Administration plans to turn the southern tip of the former steel mill into a marine terminal, primarily for car and truck shipments, but also for anticipated new business coming to Baltimore after the completion of the Panama Canal expansion project. Baltimore's history and attractions have allowed the city to become a strong tourist destination on the East Coast. In , the city hosted Much of the city's tourism centers around the Inner Harbor, with the National Aquarium being Maryland's top tourist destination.

Baltimore Harbor's restoration has made it "a city of boats," with several historic ships and other attractions on display and open for the public to visit. Also docked is the lightship Chesapeake , which for decades marked the entrance to Chesapeake Bay; and the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse, the oldest surviving screw-pile lighthouse on Chesapeake Bay, which once marked the mouth of the Patapsco River and the entrance to Baltimore.

National Crime Information Center (NCIC)

All of these attractions are owned and maintained by the Historic Ships in Baltimore organization. The Inner Harbor is also the home port of Pride of Baltimore II , the state of Maryland's "goodwill ambassador" ship, a reconstruction of a famous Baltimore Clipper ship. The convention had over 6, attendees in , and 10, attendees during its peak in Baltimore is the home of the National Aquarium , one of the world's largest. Historically a working-class port town, Baltimore has sometimes been dubbed a "city of neighborhoods", with 72 designated historic districts [] traditionally occupied by distinct ethnic groups.

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  8. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew up. Further inland, Mount Vernon is the traditional center of cultural and artistic life of the city; it is home to a distinctive Washington Monument , set atop a hill in a 19th-century urban square, that predates the more well-known monument in Washington, D. By , when Baltimore was averaging forty thousand immigrants per year, World War I closed off the flow of immigrants. By , Baltimore's heyday as an immigration center was a distant memory. There also was a Chinatown dating back to at least the s which consisted of no more than Chinese residents.

    A local Chinese-American association remains based there, but only one Chinese restaurant as of Baltimore has quite a history when it comes to making beer, an art that thrived in Baltimore from the s to the s with over old breweries in the city's past. In the s the National Brewing Company introduced the nation's first six-pack.

    Both brands are still made today, albeit outside of Maryland, and served all around the Baltimore area at bars, as well as Orioles and Ravens games. Each year the Artscape takes place in the city in the Bolton Hill neighborhood, due to its proximity to Maryland Institute College of Art. Artscape styles itself as the "largest free arts festival in America".