Paris hiltons hacked phone book numbers

Celebrity friends of the infamous hotel heiress Paris Hilton were deluged with About phone numbers and e-mail addresses, including those of the calls in two hours as word of the hacked address book spread.
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Zidar said that since Sunday night a number of sites had posted Hilton's personal contacts, but the sites kept changing as the Secret Service, which Zidar said investigates computer crimes, shuts them down.

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Zidar said users could better protect their mobile devices by choosing a difficult password and not giving it out to anyone, not responding to suspect online solicitations for their password and by contacting their service provider should the device get stolen or lost. The slinky socialite's Sluty, skanky, scaley I was looking through it and found the following entry: Punani No Stars I am very disillusioned.

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick hacked

Kournikova, Anna Lohan, Lindsay crossheart tmail. Among the first sites to post the information was GorillaMask. Still, it only takes a short time for information posted on the Internet to reach a massive audience. So if you don't qualify for celebrity status, should you be worried about your private notes and digits being tapped into?

Paris Hilton's cell phone hacked? - CNET

Well, maybe. It turns out that in October , a computer hacker was charged with illegally accessing T-Mobile's server and using it to monitor U.

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Secret Service e-mail, get customers' passwords and Social Security numbers, and download photos taken by Sidekick users including Hollywood celebrities, according to security information site SecurityFocus. No Paywall Here!

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