Sandusky county ohio marriage records 1866

Marriage records (Sandusky County, Ohio), Title Also Known As: Marriage records; Marriage license application record. Authors: Ohio. Probate.
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Roll Declaration of Aliens, loose papers 4. Roll Declaration of Aliens, October loose papers -December 5.


Roll Declaration of Aliens, October September 6. Roll Naturalization Records, ; Vols. Roll Naturalization Records, Vols. They were serialized in "Black Swamp Heritage," and are available in the library reading room as part of Sandusky County, Ohio, Naturalization Indexes, Roll , Probate Journal, 3. Roll , Probate Journal, A-B, 4. Roll , Probate Journal, C, 5. Roll , Probate Journal, D, 6. Roll , Probate Journal, E-F, 7. Roll , Probate Journal, G-H, 8. Roll , General Index to Wills and Estates, 9.

Roll Will Records, Vols. A-C, 2.

D-E, 3. Roll Wills, Vols. Estate Files, 2.

Erie County

Estate Files, 3. Estate Files, 4. Estate Files, 5.

Estate Files, 6. Estate Files, 7. Estate Files, 8. Estate Files, 9. Estate Files, Estate Files, A Local Government Records.

SANDUSKY CO. PROBATE COURT - Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums

Rutherford B. Inventory Ac. Learn important facts about your ancestor such as the dates of their birth, marriage, and death and the names of their parents and spouse. There are more than 2. The following information has been provided by Rebecca B. This record set is an index to over 2. A small number of marriage notices have also been indexed, along with a variety of other sources, mostly from the Hayes Presidential Center. Examples of these other sources are probate case files, funeral home records, society membership records, biographical files, brief references in history books, etc.

Over sixty Ohio public libraries have entered into this database and the amount of information listed for each indexed entry varies with each library and of course, the information actually in the obituary. Digital images of the obituaries are not available with this index. Researchers must contact the library directly to obtain a copy of the obituary. Those owned by the Hayes Presidential Center may be ordered online by following instructions on the Ohio Obituary Index website , while obituaries from other libraries will usually have to be ordered by mail from the library which owns the newspaper.

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Each citation on the Ohio Obituary Index website is linked to the library where the full obituary may be obtained for a small fee, determined by each library. The original index was compiled by Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Library staff and volunteers from newspapers in hard copy or microfilm.

Starting in , other Ohio libraries started entering their data into this index, so it now extends beyond the holdings of the Hayes Presidential Library. By , over sixty libraries were contributing to the Ohio Obituary Index, indexing old and current newspapers. The amount of indexing done for a particular county varies greatly depending on what each library has accomplished.

For a complete list of the newspapers indexed and for what time period, check the List of Newspapers on the Hayes website. In the beginning, the index covered complete indexing of newspapers from Sandusky County, but now extends to almost every Northwest Ohio county.

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Now there are counties across the entire state with good coverage. See the map on the Hayes website for all the partner libraries. Names were copied exactly as written in the newspapers so researchers should check all possible spellings. Sometimes two completely different spellings were given in two different papers but it is clear that they are the same person.

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It is important to check all variants. Any mistakes made in the original newspapers will be retained in these records. Maiden names are indexed if they appeared in the obituary, along with names for women who married more than once.